Londres, UK
This was the absolute highlight of a marvellous four-day getaway to Paris. I've been fortunate to travel to this lovely city half a dozen times over the years, but had never seen Paris from the water. I didn't know what I was missing! Axel's experience is a unique and very special way to travel through the heart of Paris, soooo much better than those naff tourist barges that chug back and forth along a limited footprint. I was running late because of a mix-up with my taxi (do take an Uber to the pick-up point, as Axel suggests in his instructions!) and called in a bit of a panic. Fortunately he was calm and gracious - and so were the other two very nice guests - and waited for me to arrive. I finally arrived, introductions were made, wine was poured, and off we went into the sunset for a magical evening. Axel is a splendid host with a perfect mix of conversation, local knowledge, and stepping back so you can enjoy the scenery and the ambience of gliding through Paris. We also met Edouard who will be working with Axel to host this trip, and he was also a calm, gracious and competent host. Absolutely worth every penny for an experience to remember forever. Don't miss this.