Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2020-04-30T08:11:43+02:00
Are your boats properly licensed for commercial use?2020-04-30T12:57:47+02:00

Les bateaux que nous proposons pour des locations avec skipper disposent bien de toutes les autorisations et équipements nécessaires pour transporter des passagers de façon commerciale dans Paris. Sachez qu’il n’est pas autorisé de transporter commercialement des passagers avec un simple bateau de plaisance.

Aussi nos pilotes disposent bien de tous les permis et attestations nécessaires pour piloter nos bateaux avec des passagers payant à bord, et nos assurances couvrent bien cet usage.

Are there occasional navigation restrictions?2020-04-30T12:57:06+02:00

Sometimes navigation restrictions are put in place (flood, sporting events …). Users of the VNF (Voies Navigables de France) network are informed of this via Notices to the Skippers. The notices are issued a few days before the events, or automatically in the event of a flood, for example.

These opinions can be consulted on the VNF website: do? page = SearchReviews

The area to consult is “Seine in Paris” and “Seine downstream of Paris” (the interface and the opinions are unfortunately not very “user friendly”!)

No worries, however, we receive these notices directly, and if your rental should ever be affected, you will be informed before your rental. The restrictions generally have little impact on boaters and are limited in time.

Who will be my skipper?2020-04-30T12:55:54+02:00

Depending on the day / time of your reservation, the skipper accompanying you may differ. Depending on your wishes, he can either be as discreet as possible and only perform his role as pilot, or can also guide you during the outing. Our skippers have the necessary permits and certificates to pilot you (River License, Special Passenger Certificate, Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Certificate, First Aid Certificate …)

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