Terms and conditions Private Cruise – Boat in Paris



Any booking of a date is validated only after reception of the total amount of the cruise. We do not make pre-bookings.
Once the amount of the reservation is received, an email will be sent to you to confirm your reservation and to communicate you the practical information (meeting place).
The number of participants is confirmed at the time of the order and is used as a basis for pricing, particularly in the case of catering services provided by the company.



Cancellation and postponement fees are calculated as follows:

In case of total cancellation or postponement of the services, the Boat in Paris will collect from the Client as compensation :
– Above 15 calendar days, before the scheduled date of the services, the full amount paid is refunded.
– Between 7 and 15 calendar days before the scheduled date of the services: 50% of the amount paid is refunded.
– Less than 7 days before the cruise, the amount paid is not refunded.
In case of cancellation of one or more passengers, the paid seats are refunded, with a minimum of 7 passengers still booked.
In case of bad weather conditions (rain, snow, thunderstorms …) the customer can postpone or cancel his cruise until 24 hours before departure. The amount paid will then be refunded in full. In case of postponement, it will be enough to contact Boat in Paris again to choose a new time slot and a new date, subject to availability.
Covid-19 policy:
– If the event is made impossible by governmental measures (lockdown, border clauses etc.), a postponement will be offered at no cost.
– If a majority of the group tests positive/contact cases, proof will be requested to reschedule at no charge. If you wish to cancel your reservation completely for the same reasons, €200 will be retained from the deposit.
– If a minority of the group is tested positive, their seats can be refunded (while keeping the minimum reservation of 7 passengers). In case of cancellation for the same reason, the amount paid will be retained.
Cancellation of extra services:
Optional services (caterers, guide, photographer…) will be invoiced if the cancellation or postponement of the cruise has not been communicated 2 working days before departure.
In any case, and whatever the reason for the cancellation (governmental measures or at the client’s initiative), a postponed service cannot be cancelled later at the client’s initiative.


In the case of a cancellation of the cruise by Boat in Paris, an alternative date will be offered to the clients. If it does not correspond to the availability of the clients, the company will refund the entire price already paid.

Cruises are subject to the navigation rules established by the competent authorities. The cruises may therefore be cancelled or modified at any time, from the time of booking, including the day of departure, in application of the above-mentioned rules, in the event of bad weather that could jeopardize the safety of the persons transported or in the event of mechanical damage and unpaid bills.


Any interruption during the cruise or early return due to the will of the clients will not give rise to any refund.


For any specific request for a stopover, please contact us (boarding@boatinparis.fr)
To avoid any delay, it is imperative that passengers arrive at least 15 minutes before departure at the meeting point.
Any delay on the part of the clients will be deducted from the time of the cruise.
Boat in Paris is in no way responsible for any item that may be lost or damaged during the cruise due to rain or water.